Randy Tapper


President of RHT, the remodeling business is literally in his blood. While growing up, his father taught him the trade. And after majoring in Art, Randy combined design with the family business and was hooked. It’s been more than 20 years of designing, building and remodeling homes in the North Shore of Chicago.

Randy’s design philosophy is that less is more. Simplicity brings elegance. And yes, price is a factor. In today’s world, people want to keep their costs down but don’t want to sacrifice quality. Randy’s success comes from his ability to listen to these needs, to work within everyone’s budget, and to exceed his customers expectations.

By the end of the project, Randy has transformed the homeowners dreams to reality, and converted them to new friends as well.

Randy Tapper, Owner
RHT Design & Builders, LLC.
RHT Design & Construction, Inc.

Back in the 1960′s, when your father is one of the first pioneers of mass market remodeling in Chicago, certain things come naturally. As a young child, Randy Tapper lived and learned the trade from his dad, who was one of the first leaders in the remodeling industry.

Randy learned from his father that the most important concepts of remodeling are design, price, and budget. No matter how affluent the person, it is critical to be on budget and get as much done for a family as possible within the budget. Working alongside his dad for 20 years, Randy learned the ins and outs of the remodeling business and had a natural ability to assimilate to a diverse group of clients and tradespeople.

Eventually, Randy wanted a change from the world of mass production remodeling projects and his business moved to the North Shore. He started his own small business incorporating as RHT Design and Construction, Inc.originally located in Northbrook and has since expanded to a showroom in Deerfield. One of his first projects was a custom home in Winnetka which appeared in Better Homes And Gardens magazine… from there his business took off.

Today, RHT Design & Construction has been involved in building many new homes and hundreds of beautiful, functional and long lasting remodeling projects, mostly in the North Shore suburbs of Chicago, including Highland Park, Northbrook and Deerfield IL.

Randy takes pride in his company’s craftsmanship, workmanship, efficiency, staying on budget, staying on time, and minimizing inconvenience. Workers are professional, courteous and respectful, and always make sure job sites are kept safe, organized, and cleaned up. RHT works with a team of top architects, and uses only local, approved subcontractors who are fully bonded and insured. RHT Design and Construction will obtain all necessary permits and licensing, and if necessary, zoning exceptions. RHT is green oriented, incorporating energy efficiency, and understanding technology and its significance in today’s living.

No project is too small or too large, and as the owner of the company, Randy works with each client to ensure satisfaction from inception to completion. His team of employees also share the same vision. RHT offers complimentary design and consultative services, we encourage you to contact us so we can help you make your dreams a reality!

RHT has recently merged with Design Quartet at Ravinia. Design Quartet at Ravinia is a new kind of business. Each of the individuals has their own business and they are all partnering together to bring you the most complete design experience.


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These are the people who you will see every day, first thing in the morning. We guarantee that when you come home your job site will be clean and with a minimum of 15 years of construction business experience, they will answer any question you have about your project.